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CZK 80.00

 100g Kitchen King spice mix

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Preparation Idea for Aloo Matar Paneer (Potato Peas & Cheese)

Cut 200g cottage cheese and fry it in ghee/oil till golden in color.

Separately saute 2 chopped onions till golden in half a cup of ghee / oil.

Add 2 chopped tomatoes and cook for 2 minutes.

Add salt to teste, 1/2 teaspoon of red chilli powder, 3 teaspoons of Kitchen King spice mix and and cook for 3  minutes. 

Add 4 peeled and diced potatoes.

Add half a cup full of peas and stir for 3 minutes. 

Add 3 cups of water and let them simmer for 10 minutes. 

Add cheese cubes and simmer further for 5 minutes till the potatoes are tender



Coriander, parsley, red chilli, asafoetida, bay leaf, onion powder, turmeric, black pepper, salt, smalll cardamom, ginger, fennel, black mustard seeds, cumin, cloves, nutmeg, mace, and caraway powder.

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