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What does Shantiya mean

Shantiya is a take on the Sanskrit word "Shanti", which means peace. Shanti was also the name of our grandmother and we consider it her blessing that we liked the name Shantiya out of all the other options on the table.   

Who we are

We are a family owned company in Prague, who have been in the business of importing goods into the Czech Republic since the 1990s. Previously, we ran the "Indicke Centrum" in Prague 6 before deciding to close down the business for good and returning to India. As fate would have it, it wasn't long before we all came back and looked for something to do. Therefore, we decided to come back to what we know best. This is how the brand Shantiya and our company Ellora s.r.o. came into being.   

What do we do

Apart from this online shop, we also run a physical shop in Prague 10. Additionally, we supply our goods to other retailers, restaurants, hotels and wholesalers in the Czech Republic. So, if you need any of the things that you see online at wholesale rates, send us a message now.   

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