BoroPlus Antiseptic Face Cream 40g

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BoroPlus Antiseptic Face Cream 40g

 BoroPlusAntiseptic Cream / Ayurvedic medicine 

Price (incl. VAT):
95,00 Kč

BoroPlusAntiseptic Cream / Ayurvedic medicine - ointment gives your skin healthy protection and cure.

Now say goodbye to varied skin problems, naturally.

A preventive, curative and healing medicated ointment for dry skin diseases, cuts, scratches, minor burns, wounds, cold sores, chapped skin, etc. The product offers unique blends of herbal actives and natural oil extracts in an advanced formulation providing one’s skin the perfect cureit needs. BoroPlus echoes the celebration of good skin.

Composition: Hedychium spictatum, santal, ghritkumari, neem, tulsi, haridra, hriber, khadir, kumud, bhavprakash, jasad bhasma, tankan amla (boric acid), dugdha pashana, rastarangini, methylparaben, propylparaben.


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