Ujala Eye Drops

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Herbal formula to improve vision, cleanse the eye, and relieve eye strain. Buy online for natural eye care.

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Ujala Eye Drops are a powerful herbal eye formula designed to enhance vision and promote eye health. With their unique blend of natural ingredients, these drops effectively cleanse the eyeball lens and tear ducts, removing harmful debris and toxins. They are especially beneficial for relieving eye strain caused by excessive computer screen radiation, reading, or lack of sleep.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that may have detrimental side effects, Ujala Eye Drops offer a safe and natural alternative. They strengthen the capillaries and blood vessels of the eye, providing effective treatment for various eye ailments. From sore eyes caused by exposure to sea water or chemicals in swimming pools to cataracts, Ujala Eye Drops can provide relief. In fact, prolonged use of these drops may even eliminate cataracts without the need for surgery, making them an excellent option for individuals with preconditions such as diabetes.

For optimal results, it is recommended to apply one drop of Ujala Eye Drops to each eye in the morning and evening. After application, rest your eyes for 10 minutes and avoid straining them for an additional 2 hours. Any mild heating sensation experienced after applying the drops is a normal effect of the cleansing process. For enhanced benefits, consider using Ujala Eye Drops in combination with Triphala, another renowned Ayurvedic remedy.


  • Improves vision and visual clarity
  • Cleanses the eye and removes toxins
  • Relieves eye strain and fatigue
  • Heals sore eyes from sea water or chemicals
  • Helps eliminate cataracts without surgery
  • Strengthens capillaries and blood vessels of the eye

Key Ingredients:

  • Sara sangraha/Sphatika bhasma (Alumna/Argilla vitriolutum): An Ayurvedic formula with powerful antiseptic properties, used to treat eye ailments.
  • Potassium nitrate (Potassium nitrate): An ionic salt known for its analgesic and antimicrobial effects, beneficial for eye disorders.
  • Glycerine (Glycerine): Provides lubrication and moisture to the eyes, enhancing comfort and relieving dryness.


In conclusion, Ujala Eye Drops offer a natural and effective solution for improving vision, relieving eye strain, and promoting overall eye health. With their carefully selected herbal ingredients, these drops provide a safe and gentle option for maintaining optimal eye care.

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