Kesh Nikhar Soap 75g

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SKU:Kesh Nikhar Soap
Price (incl. VAT):
CZK 50.00

Made from pure vegetable oil

Gives a lather equivalent to that of a good shampoo

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 Kesh Nikhar Soap is made by cold press which ensures that the vitamins A & E present in the natural oils are not lost during the process of heating. Those Vitamins are a good for nourishment of your skin and hair. Kesh Nikhar Soap is predominantly made of Coconut oil and other natural oils which when saponified by cold press leaves Glycerin in the soap. This Glycerin acts as an emollient for your skin by maintaining water balance of your skin. Kesh Nikhar Soap doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, builders, filters or free caustic alkali which do more harm than good to your body.

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